Wondering what 2010 will bring.

Happy new year to everyone, i hope you all enjoyed your evening with family and friends, i was out last night enjoying time with my wife and family we arrived home around 04:30 this morning a little bit worse for wear i might add, but a nice shower and a cup of tea seemed to bring me back round.

Took tilly-miss on a walk through the forest and was surprised to see so many deer enjoying themselves in the lovely crisp morning weather,the sun shining and no wind made the walk very interesting and certainly made me feel a lot better.

2010 WHAT WILL IT BRING ? hopefully happiness and good health a little win on the lottery might just go down well, we look forward to a lot of things happening with tilly-miss already today enquiries have started filtering through for golf balls, also an enquiry to site a golf vending machine at a large prestigious company which certainly makes me think the machine is gaining interest.It will be no easy task but we are prepared to work hard to promote the product to as many outlets as we can, i have in place a company that will ship our machines worldwide,we are following up leads from America, Canada, New Zealand at present time the interest from Canada has been very strong and some very good offers to franchise our machine will also be followed through, i just cannot do everything at once as much as i would like to.

We will be back tomorrow with hopefully more interesting stuff, might just do an article on the golf ball and what rubbish people play with? this could be interesting, until then enjoy your new day in the new year….tilly x


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