Snow snow snow.

Well we were warned what to expect and did we get plenty, i was up around 05:00 am this morning and looking from my window across the field was a fox and two little ones obviously looking for food, it must be quite sad for the animals in winter as i found last night the dam cows in the field must have been freezing all night mooo moooo mooo, in 25 years of living here i have never ever heard the cows at night, obviously something upset them.

Tilly – Miss in the snow on the course this morning

Tilly found a new lease of life, she was racing round chasing the snowballs i made having lots of fun, sadly no wildlife for her to chase with, but very evident signs of lots of deer looking for warmer places from the wind as shelter for the cold night.

Golf Balls would you beleive we were still finding the colours today, the yellow and orange balls found reflected so bright against the snow, and guess what we also had some colours from the trees, unbeleivable to think someone was out there playing, so i was very happy with the few we had which surprising were Pinnacle and Bay Hill and to round things of an Ice ball in light yellow from Noodle is that strange?

Is this the sign of surrender.

Waving the flag as we head for home, cold and damp and wanting a cup of tea, tilly was quite happy to stay all night.

Stay safe everyone think of the Penfold Heart next time you buy a ball, it could change your game forever, we will be back with more tomorrow, we are thinking of you all love tilly x


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