So many colours today.

Sorry for the late posting we have had a busy time between hospital and golf courses, which the hospital side i do not want to discuss, the golf course side of things were very good despite not to many people around, but we used our motto which is “Search and you will find” and find we did, so many coloured balls which is good to see, there is one thing that gets to me, tilly-miss keeps pulling out this ball from the states, i will add this tomorrow in picture form, wherever we go this ball follows me and tilly? is that strange?

I am over the moon with the new machines, today we checked each and everyone without a problem, we wall mounted the machines as a trial and they are fantastic, they look pristine in appearance and i beleive they will do wonderful things for the game of golf, i am sure they will change how people buy a ball in the future, we have a couple of things to finish then we are ready for the big world of golf, maybe not in that exact fashion, but we will try and try to change how golfers buy a ball in 2010.

We are committed to offering a honest and proffesional service, nobody asks how much time have you given, how many dreams have you dreamt, how much money has this cost, it is all in -material this is something i beleive in and i will carry on regardless, each time i load a machine there is something there that tells me do not stop now.

Colours of ball was fascinating we had lots of yellow and orange followed by the pink and some nice blue colours, the yellow ball certainly won the day above any of the other colours, Titleist were again champion in the white ball stakes followed close by Pinnacle which is becoming more popular, must say it looks very good, surprise was Maxfli making a numbered appearance along with Wilson-Staff a ball i like very much, probably for its diamond cut, a little hard but a nice ball. this is from a total of 4 courses during the day and early evening.

Tilly has craftily gone to my bed and i should imagine laid close to my pillow waiting for me, the nights are cold so i let tilly on my bed, she can keep me nice and warm, we are laying in tomorrow and taking it easy until around midday then we head across to Ascot to a very well known course to see how the rich and famous spend there money, i am hoping it will be ProV1s all the way, knowing our luck it will be any name brands.

Do you remember the Penfold ball? have you any at home, do you have any memrobilia from the Birmingham based company in the past, if so get intouch, i would love to hear from you.

In the meantime keep the thermals close and keep warm, i worry for our older readers, take care and sweet dreams….Tilly x


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