Just another cold and windy day.

Out today enjoying our usual walk it was very pleasant to say the least, sun was shining with a slight wind which made the walk very enjoyable, peering through the hedgerows to an empty freezing golf course was no surprise. It seems the golfers are not as hardy folk as we think, in the summer we see them all out wearing there nice new shoes and there logo T shirts, but where are they when the first cold snap arrives? nowhere to be seen, maybe the golfers in the south do not compare with the sterner man of the north….interesting.

The winds have caused some damage in woodlands, quite a few trees have met there end and wait for the log man to come along, free wood for everyone it seems, the bitter winds must cause some dicomfort for the poor wildlife, often we see deer and foxes looking for safer refuge, hopefully the deer will gather together during this cold spell, i noticed today the fox has been very busy catching prey, evident remains of feathers and bones scattered round the woods from some unlucky pidgeons not fast enough to escape.

Looks like someone is in the mood for xmas, this Wilson Staff ball with the message “Merry Christmas” was found along the hedgerow by tilly-miss obviously the poor golfer wasnt amused at his early present. I mentioned last night how this certain ball follows me round various golf courses, well it turned up at another golf 37 miles from my home (is this golfer following me?)

Maybe this picture might be better

I wish everyone a safe passage during this bad weather spell, do not drive unless you have to, keep the heating turned up and have extra clothing like a jumper or thermals at hand and please keep plenty of warm drinks inside you, it will help with body tempreture, keep your phone handy with your close neighbours number just in case.

Tilly -Miss was reluctant to go out this evening i think i might get her winter coat out in the morning, we will wait and see how things turn out.

Until then it is cup of tea time, oh one last thing Robin the jackdaw man please contact me at degalyian@btinternet.com  i am trying to reach you.

Goodnight everyone…..tilly x


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