Cold weather settling in.

The news has let a lot of people know that snow and bad weather are due to sweep through the country in the next few days, please make sure you are fully protected with food essentials, logs and coal for the fire if needed, keep some blankets as spare in the room just in case you get a chill, and keep telephone numbers of family and friends handy should the need arise to call them, if you can make a big bowl of vegatable soup with dumplings, that will keep you going strong.

The weather creates awful problems around all areas of the country and worldwide, many old folk get scared and frightened, many get so cold they end up in very bad health and quite often with fatal consequences, i urge you all to keep contact with friends and try to be supportive as much as you can, keeping an eye on your neighbour makes sense for all concerned.

Tilly has had me out again i am sure she is determined to catch bugs bunny for a early xmas dinner, straight back she goes to where the bunny is hiding and we were even there waiting in the dark for the darn thing to pop out for its usual grass meal, but no such luck this time and now tilly is sulking sitting at the door thinking i will take her back out again, no chance its so cold tonight, maybe at 06:00 in the morning we will surprise bugs bunny.

Doing lots of stuff today for the machines, getting things sorted as best i can, keeping it low key at the moment as i do not think this is the right time to gain interest due to so many people thinking of xmas and party’s etc, lets get in to the new year and kick start the project, have had confirmed another location to add a machine today which is good news and something to look forward to.

Going for a cup of tea now, so will keep things short, another visit to the hospital tomorrow for my wife, hopefully this will be the last now so take care and please god we will speak again very soon. tilly x


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