What a hectic weekend.

Sorry not to have been around, lots going on in the home and out of it, my wife has been in hospital and racing back and forth drives you mad, try parking a car in a hospital, is there really so many ill people in this country? it beggars belief just how many folk go through the hospital in a day,sadly for some not to come out, for others a lifetime of laying or sitting by there bed, our thoughts go to everyone who is hospitalised at this time of year.

So the machines arrived, i have only managed to open 1 of them so far, it has been that busy really, tilly bless her has been so good and i have managed to juggle her routine of 3 walks around racing here and there, so some progress is being made in that direction.

Golf ball in a can is already seeming popular, people quite like the pictures of tilly and for this reason i hope that parents will pass them on to children and grandchildren, do you remember being young collecting all them cards from various sweet companies, standing round together swapping one picture after another and sometimes offering a sweet or an orange to make the swap more interesting, this is what i would like to do with this venture, so tell everyone to keep looking for tilly-miss cards and maybe nostalgia will return one day.

Golf balls in trees do you remember,well they are sitting there waiting like an apple to be picked, no joke they are littered all around the trees, but look very carefully, find the first one and they will keep being spotted, we have had around 30+ just from the trees yesterday and today, so i am not going mad after all it seems.

Still have a couple of things to sort out before i site the machines, waiting for my web logo to be finished, then i have to attach the name of each ball that is being vended in each line, then we will be done all going well, all takes time and money but it has to be smart in appearance with nothing left to chance, do it right or do not bother.

Lots of people to mail and talk to so things are going to be very busy in the run to xmas, and guess what i am spending xmas all day in every mans ideal hideaway a pub, how about that tilly and my wife and son locked in a boozer enjoying xmas dinner with friends, have never ever done this before, but really looking forward to this.

More balls need to be placed in the can, so time to say its been Emotional, enjoy your evening and stay warm, the forecast is for snow and bad weather.

Bye for now Tilly x


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