Our new range of golf ball vending machines.

To my delight our machines arrived today along with so many empty capsules i could start my very own production line, its chaos in the house, but this will keep me busy long in to the weekend.

Let me introduce our new golf ball vending machine, specially adapted for golf balls.

Designed to take Sterling or Euro Coins each machine will hold 81 golf balls, all machines come complete with wall mount brackets allowing the machine to be sited in any area of your workplace, public house or hotel, the machine is also ideal for golf clubs and golf societies.

Each ball vends through a cannister and we have decided to make each cannister a little bit more special by adding pictures of tilly-miss.

Each picture has been numbered so buyers can if they wish start collecting the various pictures of tilly-miss,at the present time we have 9 pictures to choose from, we will add a wider variety as time goes on.

We have 6 shops who have already showed interest in selling the golf ball in a cannister, this seems to have caught the imagination of shopkeepers who are asking for the golf balls in 3 packs, so this is another avenue for us to concentrate on for the future.

I will post another picture of the machine loaded with the golf balls as i get it loaded, it is quite a slow process.

Word of warning……Trademark Applied for: 3 Classes which include golf balls : Vending Machines : Toys, Games,Books & Merchandise for Tilly-Miss.

It has been a hectic day and looks to continue, just been told an order for 150 golf balls in cannisters has been received from a small shop wishing to sell the tilly brand as xmas presents, hopefully we are on the right track everything crossed,wish tilly luck.

I am worn out, tilly is amazed by all the confusion going on around her, so time for tea and a strong one at that.

If you think you can sell tilly products in any shape or form please get in touch. thank you tilly x


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