Weird and wonderful things from the golf course.

Hello Everyone as promised tilly-miss and myself went back to the course where the golf balls were firmly lodged in the trees, it was quite bizarre actually, lovely coloured balls laying between the branches and the thorns, the leaves all fallen to the ground and in some places 1 foot deep, making it almost impossible to detect with the human eye, but tilly-miss certainly knows where they are through scent i presume.

Golf balls hanging in the trees like the baubles you hang on a xmas tree, on our second visit we rescued another 14 mixed colours of ball, most were filthy dirty and wedged firmly, surprisingly Nike ball was the top of the list of tree hanging balls, they were stone cold and you realised they had been hanging around (pardon the pun) for a fair time, so they are now safe and being cared for, i have placed them in a wash so they get rid of the chill,then scrubbed to remove any tree staining then dried and put to bed with the other 1000+ balls waiting to be vended in the coming days.

As i said before Nike was the top tree hugging ball, on the ground Calloway has been most popular, the orange calloway followed by the grey logo calloway has ran away with most found, i have enough Calloway in stock to fill 20 vending machines as i type, interesting though is how the Srixon has become such a popular choice, is it a cheap ball? my results show more Srixon returning daily than Titleist by a very long way.Going back to Titleist it very strange a few month ago we were picking up so many,especially that of the SoLo ball, but it seems to have died a death and i am talking about our findings from 8/9 various courses, the ProV still returns in good numbers, but there is something about the skin of this ball, looks dirty even after a good wash, the skin seems to chip away from its casing leaving unsightly scratch marks which you couldnt place in a vending machine, all my ProV stock is checked and double checked before being canned. Another ball that makes a lot of appearance is the Pinnacle ball, i am surprised that we daily return a few,always wash well and always look like a new ball, maybe one for the future for golfers to try.

Logo balls amaze me, is there really so much call for these, is it worth all the money people spend, i have 100s with every brand name imaginable ranging from Shell to Texaco to BP then all the banks Nat West, Lloyds, Halifax, and banks in China, America, and beyond, i have what i think is the original Yahoo ball, from the search company, i have a great selection in every colour including black of anything ever manufactured i think, but cannot see how adding a name to a ball that then gets clouted in to oblivion is good marketing, after all said and done how many ball finders are out there.

Tomorrow i will take my camera, have to get some shots around a couple of courses that amused me, sand bunkers like swimming pools, and some shots deep in the woodland ferns, never know might just raise something of interest to amuse my readers.

Tilly is resting sound a sleep on my settee at the moment, she has enjoyed a good run round, trying to catch squirells and a lucky lucky rabitt that escaped by the skin of its tail, i should think bugs bunny is sitting underground feeling very happy to have got away, but i know tilly will be straight back there again but from a different angle next time, she is so cute with her knowledge and my money will be on tilly.

Anyhow thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my antics, please god i will be with you again tomorrow, my cup of tea has just brewed i have been informed, so from me and tilly goodnight x


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