Golf balls sitting in the trees.

Am i going mad, have my eyes started to make me believe i only see golf balls? well what a surprise i had whilst walking round with tilly, the leaves all stripped from the trees i suddenly noticed a white, and another,and another, then a lovely yellow,followed by a very pale blue ball, i like this i thought to myself, i will look further in to this issue, and my god in them trees are so many golf balls waiting to be rescued, i could not believe my luck, i have never bothered to look in the trees before, but will from now on, this gives me another option, tilly on the ground, and me searching in the trees, mind you it is very difficult, and my extendable golf ball scoop is the ideal tool for the job, my hands have been cut and scratched quite badly,but i do not worry about that,getting hold of that ball is more important, today i managed 17 balls just from one section of trees, so we are back this afternoon to rescue those pearly white balls, give them all a good bath, rescue them from the cold weather and keep them warm.

Tilly in the above picture bringing out a nice pink ball, good to see all the colours coming through,some nice branded american balls starting to show with very good logo designs, shall be adding them to the vending machines to see how they perform in the coming months.

Surprised to see so many golfers out and about this morning, the course looked beautiful with a light fog spread around, tilly performed her retrieval task to 2 golfers who thought they had lost there golf balls, i sent her in the woodlands and out she came with a lovely new Srixon red, then back in and brought out another Srixon green, both the golfers were amazed and very grateful, “Well i have never seen anything like that in my life” said one of the golfers who was very thankful, just another bit of excitement in the life of tilly-miss.

Time for my favourite…..cup of tea, so cheerio for now, will be back later.


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