Deserted golf courses.

Very lucky to live close to at least a dozen golf courses, we decided to have a look around them today, surprise surprise not a golfer insight, the only thing to be seen was a solo deer trotting along the boundry on one course, which was good for us as we had all the time in the world to just browse at our own leisure.

How much money has the bad weather cost these golf clubs, staff still have to be paid (if that is what they call it) groundsmen have to keep the places clean and cut, bar staff and catering all to be paid…….out of what?….i should think it is a nightmare at this time of the year, and what about the faithful club pro? where will his wage come from, look at the bigger picture and it gets worse, fuel stations,drinks at the bar, meals and snacks,sales of equipement all down to the weather that falls on the toilet,Oops England, just calculate how many courses in england have suffered these last few days, then you will realise how much money the industry has lost in general…….enough of that….

We are waiting on a delivery, and getting excited maybe tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and guess what i won the lotto, amazing £10 that couldnt even buy me 2 packets of cigarettes,why did i bother?

Tilly is well and sleeping at the moment the weary trudge round the courses seem to have tired her out, for me a nice cuppa and a rest,until we speak again take care and enjoy your evening…tilly x


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