We carry on regardless.

Blimey folks what do we do to deserve so much rain in England, we will be the UK’s biggest free swimming pool soon, can you imagine that? every nationality bathing in the ponds caused by the rain? does it bear thinking about.

Tilly has been out and about, getting filthy on her travels, the pathways are a mire of water and mud and will be potentially worse should more rain fall.

We had a machine turn up for our inspection, this is supposedly for golf clubs to hang on the wall, i was not happy about it and feedback from people confirmed my thoughts.

Reaction ranged from just plain ugly, to unsightly and far to big, we were promised this machine weeks ago, it was specially adapted for golf balls,but it seems the wait was the best thing that happened, it has been returned to the company to do more testing, it might be the correct machine for golf clubs to display round the greens or in the changing rooms, i couldnt see this being a prominant feature in the 19th hole, maybe i am wrong, do you think the green eyed monster would blend well?

The wash process is complete, i started with 700 balls then just kept going, then added more today,which was a good return yet again, so i estimate round about 1000+ gleaming golf balls all ready to be added to the machines, my hands are aching and quite sore, each and every ball washed by hand, scrubbed so no marks are visible, very pleased each ball looks like a new ball, i have a huge batch of quality balls and a lot of Titleist ProV1 that have some heavy ink marks, why do people spoil a ball? i am going to sort them out and sell the decent stuff cheap.

Finally just like to say thank you to the lovely girlies for looking after us recently, we were mob handed and enjoying a drink in a lovely bar and they showed great charm to us all, the hospitality was great and we had a great time.

Time for tea, cannot beat a good cuppa, so we wish you an enjoyable evening, take care….tilly…x


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