We thought it was over.

There we were thinking the golf season had come to an end, how wrong we were, the last couple of days have actually shown an increase on ball finding, we had an amazing night last night,armed with high power night lights, we had never done anything like this before,but for the wildlife roaming the course xmas had come early, the power and brightness of the lamps was amazing, you could have landed a plane across the field lol.

Tilly was fascinated to see so many deer spread around the field, deer drinking water from the sand bunkers that had so much rain, groups of rabitts eating away at the grass was a lovely sight to see, foxes were evident, they did not like the glare of the lamp and soon made there way out of sight, birds sleeping in the trees,staying silently still in case danger was close, very very spooky in the woodland, but very exciting.

We took off this morning thinking we might just find a few more golf balls, to our surprise we bagged a really good haul of Calloway balls in excellant condition, it seems that calloway is a very popular ball at this location, included in the haul was Titleist and surprisingly Pinnacle made a good appearence, so a good variety seems to be the order.

Wash Day today, i am going to sort through about 700 golf balls that need washing ready for the machines, it will be a long process, my formula for cleaning will be added and the balls will be left to soak probably over night for the best results, i can then hose down in the morning and start the scrub process, which will be torture on the hands, each and every single ball will pass through my hands around 5/6 times, checked for cuts and evident damage, any sign of damage the ball will be disgarded and added to the welsh bin.

Hours of hard work are ahead of me, but between soaking tilly will be out again, our ritual of ealy morning, early afternoon, late evening is a system that works very well, we manage to contain good stock as and when golfers loose a ball.

We will be back later, until then enjoy your day…..tilly x


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