Golf ball vending machine.

Busy day today sorting out artwork for the golf ball vending machine, i decided on using our web page logo

which will be used on the base of the machines, i think there is enough to capture the imagination of the public, I will also be supplying the golf balls in capsules.

Each capsule will have various pictures of tilly-miss in a variety of poses, the machine will hold 81 premium golf balls which will be stored in 9 various lines, so there will be 9 pictures (more will be taken) when time permits, I am hoping the pictures and capsule will be passed on to the families of the people who buy a ball for there children, who will in turn collect the themes of tilly and take them to school and maybe like in the old days the children will swop them for a picture they like more……watch this space…!

The day has been very testing and tiresome, making decisions gets harder all the time, i could go on forever but all this costs money and you have to learn somewhere, hopefully we will have the balance right, we shall just wait and see and gauge response.

Tilly-Miss has not left my side all day, sticking by me like glue, she even started sleeping around my foot, so she knows when i move she will also, very crafty and well thought out.

We enjoyed a walk round today, not many golfers about and little return on golf balls, but life goes on no need getting upset or fazed about it tomorrow is another day, we just might strike lucky.

Hope you all enjoyed the article on Jackdaw, the golfer Robin Long has a few more good camera shots of his tame animal, search on for robinlongthe jackdawtrainer you will see a very good selection of his work.

Time for tea so stay safe wherever you are in the world, tilly is thinking of you…..x


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