Hello once again, we hope you enjoyed my earlier article from Robin Long a golfer who i have talked to many times previously, i was aware that robin enjoyed the jackdaw as he often spoke about training them, i was delighted to highlight this for him and i intend to add a link to my website so robin can keep readers updated in the future, it was fascinating to see so many other people who also trained the jackdaw, there were a couple of others i looked at which were brilliant, please have a look at the “Love Story” of 2 jackdaws really great photography with music and words across the screen brilliantly finished, it was filmed in an old mill (if i find it i will add it for you)

Rain rain please go away, myself and tilly-miss were like a couple of drenched wrecks today, how the skies opened up was unbearable, we were out enjoing the last couple of hours before dark and enjoying some good returns on the ball finding when holy be to god we were soaked through, poor tilly looked like a skinned dog, my clothing was washe through with me still in them, things were that bad tilly actually bolted home on her own, she doesnt care much for the rain it seems.

Considering the weather we had a really good day and returned a higher than average return of golf balls, which is good news, we were thinking that it was going to finish this week, but were proved wrong, we shall see how things go towards the end of the week before making any decision, but as long as golfers keep playing,we will keep searching in any kind of weather.

Wrap up warm, keep the teapot simmering and batten down the hatches, let the world pass you bye in peace….until next time x…tilly.


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