Tilly-Miss Update.

Good news on tilly-miss, there doesnt seem to be any problems or after effects with her injury, we were out and about for nearly 3 hrs today, i kept a close watch on her leg and nothing seemed to problem tilly, who was running around picking up golf balls and doing her routine as normal when she found a ball.

Made a very important decision regarding our choice of supplier for all our vending machines, weighed up our options and have at last made our decision on the choice of a long -term partner who will support the tilly-miss brand name for the immediate future, the company have in my opinion conducted themselves in a very polite fashion, answered all questions in a polite manner and have advised me on a number of important issues beyond the call of duty, so i am pleased to say a great weight has been lifted and we can expect our new machines to arrive within the next week.

If anyone is interested in our machines please get in touch, we are happy to sell to golf courses, hotels, forecourts, pubs, and workplaces, we will offer direct sale or we can place a machine at any outlet and offer a very generous commission on each ball sold, our commission will be higher than any other vending company structure.

So time to say goodbye yet again, enjoy your saturday night and stay safe…..Tilly x


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