Oh what a day.

What a day it has turned out to be, tilly-miss was up and about this morning looking forward to another adventure,we walked in to the woodland through our usual path route when a horse being ridden came bolting through, tilly was kicked in the side and sent flying, shocked at what happened i picked her up and cuddled her as she was in shock at what had happened, i put her down for a rest and found she was unable to walk on her back leg, again i picked her up and massaged her leg which eased her a little, but she wasnt capable of continuing her walk so i carried her back home, it was the shock what had happened that frightened her bless her, a visit to the vet revealed her leg had gone in to spasm and hopefully will heal naturally,but i will keep a close watch especially in the morning, it was very frightening for us both.

I have been massaging her leg through the day, all seems ok and she has not been bothered by me touching it, so everything crossed, that put a blight on the days planned adventure, but we will see what the morning brings.

450 golf balls put in the wash, getting them ready and nice and clean, with so many coming through i thought it best to make a start, god knows how many in total we have and how many brand names are actually in the market, does anyone know?

Anyway time for chilling and a cup of tea, will be back in a day or so, enjoy your weekend and spare a thought for tilly-miss who will be resting safe and sound, goodbye for now tilly-miss x


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