Good News with Tilly-Miss.

Another good day was had with tilly-miss, chased and chased rabitts until her heart was content, tilly had a great time, leaving me to do all the bending and back breaking tasks she usually does, but was i bothered, not at all, it was great fun watching tilly crawling along the ground trying to outwit jack rabitt, i wont say how she got on but i think she was happy with her performance,which surprised me.

Another good haul in a variety of colours were returned, it is nice to see the colour balls coming in to there own once again, it seems golfers are having a few eyesight problems? (remember to have regular eye check ups) if you are worried.

Phone calls through the day have been very interesting, along with email that i picked up on,on my return this evening, all positive stuff that i hope we can build on for the future.

I have a meeting planned tomorrow which could be the key to a very important decision, i will let you know the outcome.

We are both worn out and in need of rest and a cup of tea, so on that note i wish you all a pleasant evening and look forward to being back with more news, until then goodbye from tilly x


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