Another good day.

Hello Again

We had another good haul of the pearly white balls today, was unexpected to say the least, due to the recent haul we have had over the last few days,but golfers being golfers do loose them at alarming rates which baffles me? imagine if tilly-miss was to scarper i wouldnt just think oh well thats that then and go home, no way i would spend the day and night looking for her, the same should be said for the poor old golf ball that has just had a hammering, spun through the air and has to land at an alarming speed somewhere? does a golf ball feel any pain?

Enough said on that issue, Tilly has had a great amount of excercise today and is completly worn out, just looking at her here fast a sleep without a care in the world, her wound has healed very nicely and thank you to all the nice people who have sent email asking how tilly is getting on, rest assured you will get any news should anything else develop.

Tilly-Miss is in for a treat tomorrow as we head north to a former stomping ground,it has everything tilly likes beside golf balls, rabitts and squirrels in abundance so tilly will need all the rest she can get tonight because them jack rabitts certainly give her a run for there money.

So until tomorrow we wish you all a very enjoyable evening, have fun and keep warm.

Thought i would leave you a picture of tilly-miss, a very happy lady indeed  x


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