More Golf Balls.

We have done another walkabout this afternoon, thankfully the rain had cleared so we had an entire walk of freedom all the way round the outer circle of the course, and i am pleased to say it was very well worth it.

We have found so many today the machines will be groaning, tilly-miss performed her usual routine checking the land around us, looking to see if we had any animal company, but due to the weather all the animals were tucked up underground, so tilly then decided to start earning her keep, one after another picking them from under the leaves, the human eye would be unable to see a ball let alone detect it.

We will after consideration start to offer some Tilly-Miss merchandise in the shape of T Shirts, these will be available direct from our web pages in the near future, we will also look to offer gloves and hats and maybe some golf head covers, it is still in the early stages but be assured this will be our next venture, anyone wishing to purchase any item can do so through

Well another day nearly over and we are all getting that little bit older, so i am away for a nice cup of tea, speak to you all again tomorrow, until then enjoy your evening and stay safe tilly x


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