Why didnt i take my camera.

Typical that when you need a camera you find you have left it behind, we were enjoying the woodland walkabout at a new venue, i couldnt believe my luck with the wildlife roaming around, a set of badgers rolling on there back in the wet grass, 6 Deer in beautiful close up and 2 foxes on the prowl and a buzzard flying around tilly-miss, all would have made some really stunning pictures.

We had a great return for our journey, the lovely rain free morning after a weekend of torrential rain, nice breeze and sunshine breaking through, lots of early morning golfers taking advantage of the weather forecast it seems, but like all golfers they still do not get round a course without loosing a ball which i am very grateful for.

39 beautiful colours and whites returned in a very short time, again many of these have hardly had time to be unwrapped, 1 hit balls in perfect condition, great names which will do me very well in the coming weeks with our newly launched machines.

Tilly-Miss is making great progress, we have found the perfect way to administer her tablet twice daily, we crush the tablet to a pulp on a spoon and feed it to her in one, and it works brilliantly no fuss or nonsense followed by a nice treat for her straight after.

All the swelling has gone down her fur is growing back and we have no further damage or signs of grazing, so i am very happy as things go.

We shall be of line for the next few days as i am going to have a sort out with my computer, we are going to buy a replacement, until then and it gets sorted we will be back.

Have a good time and enjoy your day, good luck until then stay safe and sound x tilly.



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