Tilly-Miss Updates.

It has been another busy weekend, do you remember me telling you about my sponsorship to a school in wales who are desperate to get around 1500 golf balls, well the lovely Andrea phoned friday evening, such a lovely welsh accent, she is now looking to try and raise funds before xmas with a small downhill race of the golf ball, have you started collecting for me, yes was my reply i have around 500/600 for you at present time, god bless the lady she was so happy and i promised to keep collecting,so i am due a visit in the next couple of weeks, the good thing is once they have them golf balls they will then be able to organise various charity fundraising whenever they choose.

Still in talks with 2 companies at present time to decide who will supply tilly-miss with our new range of machines, 1 company has been excellant and has answered everything i have thrown at them, i am very impressed with there level of service and willingness to help.

Tilly has been out and about once again, we braved the cold morning air and to my delight tilly-miss wasted no time in bringing me a lovely brand new Srixon ball, where else apart from “Today’s Golfer Magazine” would you get something as good as that for free? the course was quite empty today obviously the weather played its part, but we returned 27 balls this morning and 14 before dark and all good balls.P5110165

Our stock levels are through the roof at the moment which is good, it means we can sort the various brands in to different grades, the vending machines will hold top quality balls from ice to colours and a good stock of the Titleist range, it will only be the best for the vending machine.

Have had a couple of very good contacts over the last few days, one in particular that could be very good for tilly to early to say anything at the moment but be assured i will let you know.

Tilly has not been very well tonight, started being sick for some reason, so i am taking her for a checkup in the morning, spent last 30 minutes getting more tiny thorns from her coat the dam things get everywhere.

Anyway time for a cuppa and a rest, enjoy your evening and thank you for stopping bye,speak again soon x tilly


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