Another mad day at tilly-miss headquarters.

Early risers this morning had a pleasant stroll through local course, tilly-miss started the day with a chase with a pheasant she had disturbed, then moved on to a squirrel hoping to gain some fun, but the long tailed rodent had other ideas and was away as quick as you like.

In the adjacent field was our friends the Deer family all 6 of them in full view with mum and dad keeping a close watch on the younger members, the slightest noise and they are so alert, watched them run at a great pace towards a secluded woodland area, i would love to go in to that woodland with a camera.

We are still waiting news of  the new machines, we were told they would be with us this week, so today i have also placed another order direct from Holland the same machine and spec at a good price.

A bright start to the day ends with pouring rain, the woodlands awash with mud and water along with thousands of lovely washed leaves, could you imagine if you could sell them leaves? a fortune would be made very fast.

Tilly-Miss had a easy day today, she only returned 8 balls but not a problem, she has had a good run, and now settled for the night, hopefully no fireworks to upset her.

We will be back with more news tomorrow, hopefully better than today?…….where are my machines?


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