Quiet Night but a wet and windy morning.

Thank goodness the fireworks stopped last night,we thought we were in for another restless night, but nothing, are we going to be drowned with noise tonight.

Tilly was up and ready this morning, trip in the car for a 12 mile journey proved to be ok, despite the weather tilly took home 26 balls including some good Bridgestone and Taylor-Made along with good Titleist and Srixon, we were compensated with a downpour for our troubles, but hey it is only water so nothing to worry about.

I have the task of washing more than 200+ balls today, pub society tournament coming up and we are honoured to serve, hoping for news on the arrival of our new vending machines, have been told they have arrived in the UK all safe and sound, so hopefully a meeting and look at our samples then purchase outright all in the same day, so quite busy few days ahead it seems, we have another 8 sites taking the machines on trial basis, so things can only get better as we head towards the end of year.


Tilly-Miss waiting patiently on the Tee, she has a great view of what is going on.



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