Tilly-Miss is on camera today.

PA260551They seek her here,they seek her there, people taking pictures everywhere,(could make this in to a song) Tilly -Miss was enjoying herself on a quiet stroll on a course today when i noticed a group of ladies watching tilly and all her movements, once they had tee’d off and i must say they all would have made the male golfers in england very jealous, bearing in mind these ladies were not spring chickens, i would say early 60s and if you ladies are reading this i apologise if i am wrong, you know i mean no offence x anyway a lady walked over and started asking about tilly-miss, at this stage tilly made a grand entrance with a lovely Wilson Staff ball which carried seasons greetings with the message Merry Christmas, blimey someone somewhere is thinking of santa claus already? the mind boggles.

Anyway the lady by this time was joined by 3 more ladies making a fuss of tilly, and could not believe tilly-miss is capable of finding golf balls, i said pop round to the house and see how many we have, probably 6000+ they were fascinated, then asked if i mind if they take pictures, i was very happy that tilly had made them ladies happy, so i decided to do a few shots of tilly myself which i hope you like.



The best dog in the world.


Hope to be back soon, Tilly-Miss x



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