South Africa Calling.

Contact from South Africa regards tilly-miss golf ball vending machine, wow we are getting around the world from our armchair,and it is all free travel, so tilly-miss joins a long list who want to sell our machine, along with numerous requests from Canada, and America, be assured we will be organising agents to deal with golfing outlets, so keep tuned, we can only take small steps at a time, lets do things properly, we are waiting trademark results for tilly-miss then we can move forward, our new machines are fantastic, cannot show them at the moment, but be assured every golf club will want them, they will be available with stands, wall mounted, or free standing on the bar, ooh i cannot wait.

Tilly has been spoilt today massage for an hour, then out on course and chased rabitts instead of finding golf balls, what a great life she has, my friend said that dog is so fast she should have a saddle, but let her have her fun and she does know how to enjoy herself, anyway i spent sometime searching for the dreaded white ball, well nearly an hour and managed 19 balls, round of applause please, i was quite pleased with myself, but my back is aching.

Forgot to say we are carrying an advert on our web pages for a fantastic new product which i think will change the way you drink your cola or pepsi in the future:

Time for me to relax and enjoy my dinner, speak again soon.Tilly-Miss xce60dc22-9de7-47d1-8acc-e8b31bb6640f


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