What a glorious day out in the woods.

Back we head to our favourite stomping ground, tilly had company today with a new friend Roxy, a 1 yr old white staffi and she is gorgeous, they both played together running all over the woods, tilly was trying her hardest to make out she was the boss, but Roxy was not at all bothered.

The morning was a little bit bleak, but still calm enough to enjoy a brisk walk, the beautiful colours displayed by the leaves falling in there droves was a beautiful sight for the human eye PA260549

The lovely colours, the beautiful colors from the huge trees, all makes the walk so worthwhile in my opinion, peace and quiet you could be anywhere !PA260554

It was a very quiet day not a lot of golfers considering, but our “search and you will find” method always brings results, and tilly still managed to bring 14 balls from under the leaves bless herPA260545

despite spending so much time sitting and waiting for the bunny rabitt to pop out !

Tilly has walked so much today she is totally tired P9130523

So from a very tired tilly-miss it is goodnight all x


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