Tilly -Miss down in the dumps.

Tilly being very crafty crept on to my bed during the night, obviously took the chance to creep on to my wifes side of the bed so not to wake me, but what turned out did wake me, i was woken by tilly yelping in her sleep, obviously dreaming of the fun time she had spent in woodlands that day.

What made matters worse she started making some awful coughing noises whilst in a deep sleep, i have never experienced this before and become very concerned. When i woke this morning and made a cup of tea tilly came down very tiredsome, her nose dry and she seemed very lathargic? anyone any ideas on this?.

During the day tilly has been very slow in the woods has not chased anything just plods along, still brought me 7 golf balls before loosing interest and wanted to go home, she has been sat on my sofa this evening and doesnt seem interested in anything, a visit to the vet if no improvemet, must ask there opinion about her sleep and dream pattern, i am very concerned about this.

A horrible nasty day here in england despite the bad weather and more leaves falling we collected 29 balls in just under an hour, the leaves are causing mayhem for me and tilly and of course golfers, but we will continue to carry on regardless.

Have a great weekend, will let you know how tilly is getting on monday when we will be back with more news.


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