Tilly-Miss another great day out.

So pleased we made the trip today to Oxford, we visited 2 courses and returned a massive haul 291 assorted golf balls, many 1 hit balls bearing top name logos, it was a dull dreary morning and i thought it might be worth the time and trouble, but well worth the travel, tilly was in great form, very good dog who now knows what her job is, on top of finding the ball tilly had time to enjoy her visit and left her trade mark without any doubt, you guessed it a nice fat rabitt, so big she had a job to carry it.

Back at tilly-miss HQ we had some real positive feedback on our vending service, i am trying as hard as i can to source state of the art new vending machines, i think i have made a very good contact in the uk, will keep you all informed on progress. We were also contacted by a sports media organisation requesting tilly-miss to be registered with 3200 journalists who will track progress and updates on tilly, which i am also very grateful and proud of.

Ireland is our next major journey in the new year, we shall be heading to the emerald isle hopefully again laden with golf balls and vending machines, we are on a mission to visit many golf courses.

Tomorrow we will have an easy day, its wash day for golf balls, a brisk local course for tilly and rest for me, i will probably need it as i am heading for a few beers tonight.

Enjoy what the night brings x tilly


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