Tilly-Miss in fine form.

Where does tilly-miss get all her energy, she constantly runs amok in the woodlands chasing rabitts, squirrels, deer, anything that gets in her way depending on her mood. It is very funny tilly is at the moment stalking a rabitt, and everyday the same thing, the bunny can hear tilly walking through the leaves that are falling now winter is settling in, i must take my camera and get some pictures for you all to see, tilly standing over the rabitt hole head turning side to side as she can hear the bunny, but bunny is to quick and does not want to be a dinner just yet for anyone.

We were in a very thorned area today right in among some very heavy thorn bushes, the prickles on them branches would cut you in half, just like razor wire believe me,so i decided to crawl through which was not comfortable or a good idea, but once in thorn valley we had a great time, tilly-miss just kept going in deeper picking up a ball and dropping it of to me, 31 golf balls in under an hour, all very good brand balls i might add, when i organise a wash of the balls they will be great, so a very happy day.P9230534

Tilly-miss is back home watered and fed and having a snooze bless her, back again soon, take care.


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