Making people happy.

Has been a strange sort of week, tilly-miss has had loads of fun, i have been helping the older lady golfers by giving out free golf balls around a course, aagh it makes there day and i must be getting to soft, but why not.

Today was even stranger, i was walking through the woods and could hear a phone ringing, straightaway i am thinking someone is watching me, but i first find a packet of cigarettes, then i stumble across a black box that turns out to be a new iphone ! anyway about 45 mins later i could see a chap looking distressed and in a hurry, i walk towards the guy and ask if all is ok, have you lost a ball, worse than that mate, i lost me fags and phone? after a few moments i said oh no that is bad news, but it could be your lucky day and handed him the phone and fags, he was over the moon, his mum and dad had brought the phone for his birthday a few days previous, let me buy you some drinks he said grinning all over his face, i was tempted to but declined, he ran in to the distance of the course much happier than when he appeared.

So all ends well i am pleased to say, my good deed done !


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