Tilly has 1 rabitt and 23 golf balls.

A walk through the woodlands always has its moments when tilly-miss is out and about, first of all within minutes of being in the woods tilly has raised a deer who seemed to be enjoying a snooze, not for long with tilly around, next she comes bouncing past me like a rocket, nose to the ground,she had picked the scent up of something i thought, in against the fence, nose in all the leaves,jumping here and there in the thorns, then a mad rocket propelled dash in to the distance, tilly had run the length of the wood to get through on to the main course, i heard a commotion going on and the next thing tilly is running  with a huge bunny between her teeth, she came and showed it to me then took of to go and bury it.

So all in all another fascinating tale in the life of tilly-miss, 23 golf balls better off, ready to be washed, a rabitt for an eager fox to find during the night no doubt, and a happy tilly-miss.P9230529


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