Another good day for tilly-miss.

Early morning wake up call this morning, tilly came bouncing on to my bed causing mayhem, trying to get under the covers, but wife was not having any of that, tilly-miss get in your bed shouted the missus, i thought oh my god i am getting out of here before she starts, nothing worse than waking a woman in the morning.

Up and showered made a cup of tea and we were out of the door, tilly delighted she was on the move, we ventured to Denham for a look round, very nice set-up they have there, saying that it should be, the prices they charge, but we are only interested in finding what the rich and noble money people loose, i was hoping for a wealth of Titleist balls ProV1 but you wouldnt believe what we found, Slazenger, Pinnacle, Nike, Wilson, and a few Calloway.

We headed home and answered enquiries, some interesting news arrived from Asia on some products we had made, gave tilly-miss her breakfast and sorted out 3 huge bags of golf balls that need to be washed and cleaned.


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