Golf Ball Vending Machine,how it came about.

I was in Luxembourg strolling around the city, which is very chic and modern, well worthy of a visit should you ever consider a short break away from it all,lots of very good restaurants and bars to choose from, shopping is also very good but a little more expensive, but you pay for what you get, and the quality of clothing is great.

I was making my way through the hoardes of shoppers and decided to call in “The White Rose” bar for a drink, i was greeted by a young lad Craig from Newcastle who owned the bar, we got chatting and i was telling him about tilly-miss back in the UK, i am looking at a way to promote the golf balls,something different that no other person has done, it dawned on me straight away the answer was looking at me across the room of the bar, there was a vending machine selling all sorts of things in capsules, we discussed the issue and in minutes Craig gave me a number of a friend who could arrange various machines, a phone call was made and arrangements to visit were placed.

My very 1st machine was purchased and i was quite reluctant what to do with it, had i made a mistake, oh my god if it doesnt work, all these things flooded my brain, i called on an old friend who had outlets in the area, and enquired if i return with golf balls can i place a machine on your premises, it was agreed.

I returned days later 300 golf balls bagged ready, the machine filled we were in business, i returned to the UK and a week later called to see if there was response, Nothing ! another week Nothing ! 3 weeks later Nothing ! over i go back to the outlet, we decide to move to another location, 1 week later Yes we sold some, 2 weeks later Yes they are selling! then a phone call can you bring more the machine has sold out, what great news.

I then brought more machines and took them to pubs to try in the uk, slow at first but improved weekly, pub landlords wanted to buy them, as they were a good talking item in the pub and kept people in there, buying more drinks.

Golf courses and municipal golf outlets are buying them, i now source direct from Asia and look to provide golfers in Europe, Ireland, and the UK for the long term future, it has been very hardwork, but proves if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.ball%20machineebce9f01-a8b3-47be-9857-e6dca42f0ba934f0d803-8473-4934-984d-7df96522589c


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