Finding the Golf Ball.

Many golfers never ever give it any thought, when the ball is out of play they just pull another from the bag, it means nothing to them, we at see things in a different way, a lost golf ball is money, which in turn provides a healthy lifestyle for tilly-miss, we can also help causes that are in need for schools etc to raise money for items badly needed.

The art of ball retrieval is to search and find, do not be afraid to venture in hedgerows or thorn bushes, have no fear of what might come your way, remember wildlife and animal habitat rule in woodlands and golf courses, always be prepared to come across badgers, snakes, and other hidden species that might bite you.

I have myself encountered snakes wrapped around a golf ball, blended in with the grass, you wouldnt realise they are there, tilly has had snake and badger encounters, lucky for me and tilly she has been fast enough to fend of aggression and a couple of times has killed the prey very quickly.

Be prepared with adequate clothing make sure you have good protection, always have a medical box handy in the car,so you can get back to it fast, wellie boots are a must, keep your legs free from snakes, wear a hat to shield the thorns that will rip you apart very quickly, protect your knees from thorns that will bury deep in your skin.

Be on your guard from flying  golf balls, there is nowhere safe in woodlands and they fly in at speed bouncing of trees.

In 5 years we have encountered danger many times, all in the love of that pearly white ball


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