Tilly – Miss in demand.

Received a call this morning from a lady in South Wales, very pleasant woman asking for the owner of tilly-miss ! my response was tilly cannot come to the phone at the moment as she is eating breakfast, after some laughter at the end of the line the lady introduced herself and asked if i could help donate some golf balls for a charity day for a local school, i was informed that the lady had contacted a number of golf courses and outlets in the uk without any help or interest (which does not surprise me) as many of these golf outlets and courses think only for themselves.

1500 Golf balls are needed to roll down a hill, the winning ball will win a prize and so on, i was very interested in what we spoke about and thought why not help if i can, i was asked how much for the golf balls, we do not have much money to buy the balls, my response was ok i will supply all the balls you need free of charge, the lady was delighted and it made her day, so now i am helping a worthy cause, which will keep tilly-miss happy.

Has been a good day again today, www.tilly-missgolf.com our new site has been hit 200 times in a couple of days, not bad going, tilly has made a name for herself it seems, another good day on ball retrieving has brought in 29 balls today, lots of good name balls in the pile which brings our tally over 200 this week.

Answered a lot of mail, sorted all the balls in to there proper brand name bags and have to prepare another wash of the golf balls, so busy busy me.

Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend, we will be back soon

Love Tilly


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