Further news on Tilly-Miss Golf.

Has been a busy busy morning, we were out early morning watching the sun come through,the mist rising across the golf course, the smell of fresh cut grass, this is what life is all about, enjoying the great outdoors being free.

Watching tilly-miss standing proud her eyes scanning the field is a great sight to see, so alert and primed to chase anything that comes in to view, rabitts in the distance catch her attention, the fun begins, a lightening bolt and she is away at speed, then the hunt truly begins,crawling her way to her chosen target, very slow pace, eyes fixed,crawls another couple of steps, the group of rabitts sense tilly-miss is near,it seems ages before there is any movement,then tilly strikes,all in vain as the group disperse so fast they would have won gold medals at any event, but another learning curve for tilly, i walk over to her telling her to stick to finding golf balls.

We head back home 14 balls some found in the strangest places, but everyone a winner,some very good brand names in this lot, back home i spend time checking our brand new website www.tilly-missgolf.com it has gone live at last, the finishing touches are added and we now wait on response from around the world.

Twitter mail lets me know we are being followed by various people which i find interesting, answer a few mail from golfers and have a particular order for 100 cleaned golf balls, so i must get busy, a lot of checking and washing to do as i want this order in the post today.

We will be back again with more news, enjoy your day.


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