Tilly-Miss meets new friends.

We were up at the crack of daylight, and headed of on our journey, we both love being out early morning, it is a great time to watch the wildlife, deer roaming, geese flying, rabitts playing, and birds singing, with the morning dew and mist clearing it is a wonderful sight to be in the fresh country air. We arrive in Oxford and soon start to collect more golf balls, tilly is master at retrieval and presents me with a Taylor-made ball, it is brand new and must have cost a few pence, so i am happy ! we are soon picking them up at great speed, top name balls, i cannot beleive our luck, well worth the visit, tilly is distracted by an old fox who looks like he has not been fed for a long long time, they both scarper and tilly is not listening to me, i carry on and soon tilly finds her way back to me unscathed with her fox chase.

We head in the car to another venue, the roads are getting busy with traffic, you look at the people in those cars, many tired weary people flogging themselves to death, probably the only fresh air they get is moving to there car to the office, probably so worn out with stress they never bother walking, but life goes on and for some there is no choice.

We meet a lady and her dog and have a chat then head in to woodlands, big flash rolls royce and bentley cars flowing in to the car park, i keep thinking one day tilly-miss one day, we carry on regardless we are what we are,what you see is what you get, we just love doing what we do.

The course is busy the sun has broken through and we have had an enjoyable visit, we have done what we had to do and head home for a nice bacon sarnie and a cup of tea, uuuummm i keep thinking of that all the way home.

29 BRAND NAME Balls so i am happy, will be back later on, thanks for reading and visiting.


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